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St. Antony’s Mission unit at Hosadurga was the sub – station of the Assumption Church, Hiriyur, Chitradurga Dist. Situated at a distance of 40 kms from Hiriyur Church on the Hiriyur-Hosadurga Road.

Hosadurga was a place known for its rocky hills and serene environment. Originally the location was little known for its non inhabitation.
Rev. Fr. Stany Mariappa, the then parish Priest of Hiriyur had a vision and a mission to spread the love of Christ in this non habituated area, where there were bears and wild animals to haunt. The mission unit was started with one catholic family. The missionary priest used to come once in a week to celebrate mass for the only family. The people of all religions in the neighbourhood during the time observed the activities of one priest and one family. People of Hosadurga and the surrounding villagers used to come to the place and honour the statue of St. Antony brought by the priest. Many got consolation, healing and remedy for their problems. This Mission unit has its humble beginning, as it started in a small shed where there was no ventilation for the people to sit and pray.

With the generous contribution of some people Fr. Stany Mariappa was able to build a small shed here in 1996. But the devotion of St. Antony began slowly and steadily. The shed was converted into a room where the priest could stay and offer prayers for the people who came. As the number of families increased form one to four, the then bishop of Shimoga Most Rev. Dr. Ignatius Pinto raised it to be a Mission Unit after the name of St. Antony in 1997-98. Fr. Mariappa was responsible for bringing some funds from his friends and donors. He even started to build a church but the lack of finance not permitted him. He was succeeded by Rev. Fr. Richard Pais in 2004, appointed by Bishop Gerald Isaac Lobo, Bishop of Shimoga. The Mission Unit has become a place of miracles and development. The Bishop, Most Rev. Dr. Gerald Isaac Lobo mobilized the tireless Service of Rev. Fr. Richard to bring up the faith of the people and even started to build a new Church at Hosadurga by getting some contribution from both here and in abroad. The bishop being himself a great missionary had a special interest in this mission unit. Under his able guidance a new church was built in 2008. As the church grew in this place of oasis; the institution of St. Antony, with his intercession also grew. Now we have 10 catholic families and hundreds of people coming to the church to offer their prayers! It is well-known in the vicinity for the devotion of St. Antony.

Under the leadership of director and Parish Priest of the Church Rev. Fr. Steevan D’Sa under the guidance of Bishop of Shimoga,
Most Rev. Dr. Gerald Isaac Lobo over the past six years, church has been developing very fast and devotees come from all around. The feast has been celebrated on the last week of June every year.