Sunday : 9:00 am
Monday to Saturday - 7:00 a.m.
Novena : Tuesday - 7:00 a.m
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Mission Sunday :
The mission Sunday is the day which reminds each one of us of our mission on this earth. It is our bounded duty to make known the love of Christ to the least and the lost. Having this in mind, the Mission Sunday was celebrated with lots of activities. The parishioners pool in the contribution from the various activities conducted, by preparing breakfast, lunch packets, eatables, conducting chance games, auctioning, giving dumb boxes, covers etc…. Though the number of families is only 10, the total sum collected was 35,000. It is really awesome!

Feast of the Presentation :
Reminding ourselves of our Baptismal consecration with the lighted candles, we entered the church in a procession. It was a special day as it reminded us that of our Baptismal day. The mass was offered highlighting the consecrated life of our Christian calling.

Church Feast :
As every year the church feast was celebrated on 26th June. As a preparation to the annual feast three days novena was conducted. The word of God was preached by the different priests, of the Diocese. The people flocked from far and wide, to offer their prayers and petitions and thanked God for the favors received through the intercession of St. Antony, the wonder worker.

Feast of Nativity :
Having in mind the Dictum, ‘To Jesus through Mary’ we the parishioners and others gathered 9 days near the statue of Mary, our mother, to offer our prayers and to thank her for the innumerable blessings obtained by her intercession. We sang ‘Sakkad Sangatha Melya Sakkad Lagi Sarya . . . . . .’ and offered flowers at the statue of Mary. Every day the sweets were offered by different families. The novena ended with the meaningful Eucharistic celebration.

Concluding of the Faith year :
‘Lord I believe, increase my faith.’ On account of the concluding of the year of faith, we the parishioners, along with the parish priest and sisters went on a pilgrimage to Bhavikere nearby Shrine. We spent our day by praying, offering prayers and celebrating the Eucharist, conducting bible quiz, giving away the prizes. There was a small programme at the end of the day where the life of St. Paul was enacted through a small skit.