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Welcome to St.Antony's Mission Unit/ Church, Hosadurga....
From the Desk of the Parish Priest

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus,
Welcome to St. Anthony's Mission Unit/ Church, Hosadurga. This is a Roman Catholic Church, within the Diocese of Shimoga and under the direction of His Lordship Rt. Rev. Dr. Bishop Henry DíSouza, the Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese of Shimoga. St. Anthony of Padua is a very popular saint not only among Catholics, but among all other different religions. People of all walks of life flock to St. Antony for his powerful intercession as well as to thank him for all the favors received through him. All round the year, on every Tuesday, hundreds of devotees far and wide come to this church seeking the blessings of the Lord through the powerful intercession of St. Anthony. Every Tuesdays, a special mass and novena are beging offered along with special prayers.

The church from the beginning aimed at reaching out the poorest of the poor through its special mission. The community which had began with only one family, but now having 10 spirit filled and spirit led families. Though the catholic population is minimal, the church is very active in its mission. Their exemplary life style is an eye opener for the non believers to believe in God to fathom and remain in His love. The church at Hosadurga, a special place for prayers, the people who want to pray and to obtain the blessings of God through the intercessions of St.Antony. Now a days people flock to the church to plead St. Antony to get the favours upon their children and on their properties. It is really moving when the people pray for the things they lost, not only the material things but spiritual even. People and children are visiting this place often as they are getting their needs fulfilled. So with confidence I can say that St. Antony continues to be a light and guide for all the devotees and to our parishioners. Throughout the day people flock to the church to pray to St. Antony, they entrust him their sufferings, worries, troubles and as they leave take with them solace and consolation.

I am really glad that you have chosen to visit this site. You can leave your prayer intentions or thanksgiving in this site. Your intentions will be placed at the altar during the mass. Thank you very much for visiting, and God Bless! May the Lord's grace and peace remain with you today and always.. I pray that, Let St. Anthony, the Wonder Worker, intercede for each of you in your daily life.

Rev. Fr. Steevan DíSa
Mission Director / Parish Priest
St. Antonyís Mission Unit / Church